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Hey hey beautiful creatures. I'm Sarynn.

I am a gender queer, autistic, ace-spec, pan/polyam strange humanoid artist creature. I am french, and north american, and an earthling, and an alien,

and I was raised in Brazil, where I currently reside.

I am a painter, a sketcher, a picture-maker. An observer, a seer, a lover.

I seek to express my own unique, universal humanness and alienness of experience through my eyes, fingertips, body and breath.

Art is everything to me. Play. Work. Want. Need. Challenge and refuge.

Natural and difficult. Sometimes painful. Sometimes it feels like breathing.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by your own humanity, my art is for you.

Your strangeness is welcome here.

A headshot of Sarynn the non-binary humanoid with an orange background. They have bright blue hair and a bright blue star on their right cheek. They have orange makeup around their eyes, on the tip of their nose, and around their lips, reminiscent of old fashioned clown makeup. They are facing sideways to the camera, their head tilted slightly back and their face turned slightly towards the viewer. Their forked lizard tongue is sticking out at the camera, an expression of tedium and rebellion on their face. An orange crystal necklace is thrown over their shoulder. Their oh so shocking AFAB nipple is covered over with a male-presenting nipple, collage-style.
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