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Lissandra Couchê 250g (CBLoL FanFest 2024)

Welcome Lissandra, the Ice Witch of League of Legends, with this special art print designed for the CBLoL Fan Fest Juiz de Fora 2024 event. Printed on premium 250g Couchê Matte paper, this poster showcases every intricate detail of Lissandra's chilling allure. Embrace her mystique and power with this addition to your collection. 

Lissandra Couchê 250g (CBLoL FanFest 2024)

PriceFrom $2.40
  • Please allow up to 15 business days for production and shipping! I am a disabled artist and I do all the legwork myself, and depend on a small local printer for production! I do my best to be as prompt as possible.

    I package each artwork extremely carefully, and label it so the mail-humans know not to bend it! That said, I can't control the mail speed or care. If there is any problem, please reach out to me! I will help as best I am able.

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